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  • Dietitian
  • Thursday 12/2/2021
  • 1:00 PM (1 h 0 min)
  • Eira Medical Centre
    Laivurinkatu 29
    00150 Helsinki
  • Männistö Siniriikka
    Psychologist, Dietitian


Männistö Siniriikka

Psychologist, Dietitian

"I know what to do, but..." This is a phrase I have often heard from the mouths of my weight management clients. The sentence sums up well how complex weight management is. The amount of information is rarely a problem, but the challenge is how to apply the changes to your daily life.

Weight problems are often accompanied with difficult emotions and feelings. Awareness of and re-structuring of the psychological background is often important to make permanent changes.

For example, mental well-being challenges (e.g., stress, exhaustion, depression, insomnia) and problems in eating behaviour (e.g., emotional eating, binge eating, or other eating disorder symptoms) are situations in which it is good for a psychologist to support weight management. I am also happy to support you if you are dealing with changing body image or identity related to weight loss.

I am a psychologist and nutritionist specialising in weight management. In my career, I have worked with weight management and occupational health clients, gaining a broad understanding of the factors behind weight management.

I view the world through the lense of a psychologist, combining different methods with the client's needs (acceptance and commitment therapy, functional behavioural analysis, mindfulness ...). In addition I'm a Certified Nutritionist and Master of Health Sciences, so I understand the importance of nutrition in weight management.

My way of working is very customer orientated: the working always proceeds on the customer's terms. I act as a mirror and a guide, structuring the situation and leading the conversation towards the goals the client has set. Often, insights emerge from the conversation that turn into wanted changes in the everyday life.

A warm welcome to my reception!